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Hillcross Primary School

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Community Information

From time to time we receive information about events and organisations that we think may be of helpful or of interest to parents/carers.  We will also use this page to inform you of events and activities taking place in the local area.

Bourne Hall Museum Club:

is a club for children 8 to 12+ who have an interest in history, and is thriving at Bourne Hall Museum. It started in the middle of last year with a group of 17 at its first meeting and now has between 30 to 40 children coming to each session. It covers all periods of history from the dawn of the Stone Age to the Home Front and World War 2. Club members have learned how to make Stone Age tools and cave painting, found out what the trenches were like during WW1, joined the Roman Army, lived through the Dark Ages, re-fought the Battle of Hastings, and gone on local history patrols visiting Ewell's historic houses and graveyard before being locked up in the old Watch House jail. They recently investigated the murder of Station Sergeant Thomas Green, who was killed in defense of Epsom Police Station when it was attacked by hundred of Canadian solders in 1919.

The club usually meets the second Saturday of the month at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1 1UF. Sessions last from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm and there is a charge of £5 per child per meeting.

Saturday 11th March is the annual Spring Festival  which is free and a lot for children of all ages to do and learn from.

Here  more information on what will be happing at Herald of Spring Herald of Spring It’s a Kind of Magic.

This year’s theme is Magic

There will be beautiful floral displays and a mystic garden from Ashtead Garden Nurseries along with the Mayday Flower Club, and shows by local countryside groups including the Beekeepers!

Children can cheer on the Hobbledown Puppet Show, try party dances, balloon modelling and meet the animal team!  Be amazed by Close Up Magic, wonder at the Victorian traveling illusionists they will be showcasing the Victorian illusions you could see at places of entertainment. From the zoetrope and praxoniscope to the many thaumatrobes available, they will also have those that will blow your mind from optical illusions, magic eye, barber pole and Benhams top.

Take part in feel-good kids’ activities from the Rainbow Centre which include a bouncy castle, football skills, obstacle course, Mother’s Day Hamper prize draw, parachute games and games like capture the flag and fox and hounds!

Visit the What’s On In Epsom Spring Market with arts, crafts and Jam!

Discover the magic of Epsom and Ewell’s parks and open spaces.

It’s all FREE – now that’s Magic!

March 18: Body Snatchers

The streets of Victorian Britain were crowded by poor and desperate people. Some broke the law just to survive, other became their victims – even though over 200 crimes carried the death penalty. You could be hanged for anything from murder to pickpocketing and being out at night with a blackened face. Despite these harsh penalties, the criminal elements of society were still determined to make their living by ill-gotten gains.

Medical science had progressed slowly owing to religious restrictions on dissection, but by the early 1800s the study of anatomy was again at the cutting edge of science and surgeons needed bodies to examine. Laws of supply and demand created the grisly trade of the body snatchers or resurrectionists. Learn how and why these men crossed the boundaries of acceptability and what scandals brought about the Anatomy Act in 1832. Discover what was happening in Ewell on your very doorstep!