100 Club Rules


The purpose of the 100 club is to raise funds. The money will be paid into the Hillcross Primary School Charity Account (known as The Hillcross Primary School Children’s Fund) and used to buy resources and provide opportunities for pupils.


  1. For a cost of £5 per month (i.e. per draw) you will be allocated one number between one and 100*.
  2. A draw will be made every month with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
  3. The prizes will total 40% of the annual income.
  4. This will be apportioned as: 1st prize of 20%, 2nd prize of 12% and 3rd prize of 8% for 12 months (double draw to take place in July). No draw will be made in August when the school is closed.
  5. The 100 club is a private lottery and is open to all parents, staff, governors and friends of Hillcross School. Anyone aged 16 or over can join.
  6. There is no limit on the number of entries per household.
  7. Payments must be made by standing order (preferably annually). One month’s notice is required for cancellation.
  8. Member’s numbers will only be entered if their subscription is up to date.
  9. If a member has no valid reason for missing a payment, their number may be sold to someone on the reserve list.
  10. The draw shall be made by the Headteacher on the third Friday of each month in the staff briefing session.
  11. The winning prizes will be paid within one week of the draw.
  12. The name and numbers for each month’s winners will be posted in the school newsletter, on the school website and on the Hillcross Twitter feed.
  13. The 100 club will be run by the school. In case of any dispute the decision of the Business Committee is final.
  14. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 100 club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  15. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into The Hillcross Children’s Fund after six months.

*If more than members of the community wish to join, we will change the name of the club accordingly. 

If you have any queries, please email info@hillcross.merton.sch.uk for the attention of Tracy Richards.






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