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Hillcross Primary School

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Home Learning


  • Shared Reading  (daily)
  • Recorded at least three times weekly in Communication Book. 


  • Practise appropriate year group spellings daily

Maths Key Skills

  • Times tables and related division facts
  • Addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers.
  • Counting in multiples from different starting numbers

Directed Home Learning

Each week you need to complete and hand in one piece of work from the English and maths grid – but if you want to do more than one each week you can!  If you are choosing from a skill column that you are less confident with, choose from the 'walk' row; if you are fairly confident about the skill choose from the 'jog' row and if you want to challenge yourself choose options from the 'run' row.


  • A weekly maths challenge or;
  • A weekly English challenge

To be completed as per instructions, in the correct weekly order. 

As well as:

  • A compulsory topic challenge (see home learning palette)

These can be completed in any order. 


Additional reading related activities can also be selected from the list at the back of the Home Learning book

All directed home learning will be set and sent home every Friday.  This must be returned to school by Wednesday morning.

All children will attend ‘Catch-up Club’ over lunchtime should homework not be returned. 








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  • Reading Journal

    Published 30/09/16, by Year Three

    Here you will find a list of additional, optional tasks that can be completed by your child to support their engagement with the texts they read.  These can be completed termly if you wish as the outcome will change according to the text the task is applied to.

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  • Whole School Topic- Around the World in 35 Days

    Published 09/06/19, by Steph Mayar

    Please complete the activities and send them into school as part of your weekly home learning.

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  • Learning Palette Spring 2 

    Published 06/03/18, by Year Three
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  • Home Learning: Autumn Term 1

    Published 14/10/16, by Year Three

    Homework due in every Wednesday

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