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Hillcross Primary School

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Home Learning


  • Share a book with your child (daily)
  • Share comments regarding your child's reading within the Communication book.

Spelling & Phonics

  • Daily phoneme practice, within your child's Phonics Book (Autumn Term)
  • Weekly key word reading 

Maths Key Skills

  • Recalling number bonds to 10
  • To play board games at home to help with counting on
  • Recognising numbers to 10 and then 20

Directed Home Learning

  • Home learning palette. Half termly palette of learning activities linked to the topic.

Reading Home Work

Children will have 2 reading books each week. There will be information on the reading skill for the week in the blue communication books. There will also be information on which day your child reads. We will collect the books in on your child's reading day and then send it home the next day. For example if your child reads on a Monday, we will collect the communication book in and then send it home on Tuesday.


Please click below to access some only suggested maths games you can play at home:


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