Nursery Remote Learning During the Partial School Closure

Learning for children in Early Years should be fun and meaningful. Below you will find some suggested activities to complete with your child that build directly on their Prime areas of learning (see the tab on the right 'Curriculum Information for Nursery' for more information on learning within Nursery).

In addition to the activities in the grid we will also be uploading some weekly learning activities at the bottom of this page. These activities are planned and set to help target key skills and development steps. 

In addition to these planned learning sessions,  you may also find some great activities within the  following government approved websites:

Tiny Happy People - BBC educational website for EYFS children and families.

Hungry Little Minds  - Government website to support learning for children from Birth to Five,

Suggested Activities to try at home:


Communication & Language and Reading

  • Share a book with your child (daily)
  • Recognising print in the environment; shop names, titles, names

Physical Development & Self help skills

  • Getting dressed and Undressed
  • Putting on their shoes and socks
  • Putting on their own coat and then learning to do up the zip and/or buttons
  • feeding themselves and drinking from a cup
  • Using the toilet and managing their own personal hygiene

Maths Key Skills

  • Recalling numbers to 10
  • To play board games at home to help with counting on
  • Recognising numbers to 10 
  • Recognising 2D shapes
  • Using and understand positional language

Writing Skills

  • Mark Making with lots of different media
  • Drawing a face
  • Practising their Hillcross YELs

Please find below some home learning activities that you can complete across the week.

Week Beginning Monday 4th January 


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