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Hillcross Primary School

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2. Spring Term 

Sports Hall Athletics Competition

In the session, Bishop Gilpin's speed and agility came to the fore with their boys and girls performing to an incredible standard to win half of the events. The boys from St Marys demonstrated great strength and technique in the field events, finishing in the top two in three out of six events. Holy Trinity utilised their sprinters well in lightning performance in the 1x1 relay, winning the boys and girls events. Both the boys and the girls in Wimbledon Chase obstacle and Paarlauf teams ran quickly and some powerful efforts in the jumping events backed this up.

Sacred Heart proved to be a strong all-round team in the track and field, regularly scoring well to keep the pressure on the other front-runners. A speedy start and team-work helped the girls from St Matthews in their 1x1 lap and 2x2 lap relay races as they claimed two third spots. This was followed up by some strong finishing positions in all the jumping events to rack up the points. Their boys demonstrated their endurance and strength during the speed bounce and javelin with a two second place results.

Hillcross brought a well-drilled and talented team of who put in impressive performances across all events but saving their highest track scores for the Girls 6 lap Paarlauf and 4 x 1 relays. Another school with a strong team was The Priory as they regularly picked up big points in all events on the track and the field, although it was the jumping events where they excelled. Garfield brought a strong field team, where they produced their best scores, competing near the top in most events. Wimbledon Park were competitive throughout the event and consistently produced good results to ensure they were pushing their rivals all the way.

In a keenly contested heat the deciding factor was Bishop Gilpins Primary School consistency across all disciplines as they finished in first place. Impressive track performances from the boys and girls earned second place for Holy Trinity while St Matthew’s recorded particularly high scores on the track for their third place. Wimbledon Park were named as Refspect award winners for showing outstanding sporting behaviour and integrity throughout the competition. Well done to all the Wimbledon Park pupils, you are a credit to your school.

  1. Bishop Gilpin 500 pts
  2. Holy Trinity 436 pts
  3. St Matthews 412 pts
  4. Sacred Heart 386 pts
  5. Wimbledon Chase 354 pts
  6. The Priory 340 pts
  7. Hillcross 336 pts
  8. St Mary’s 292 pts
  9. Dundonald 258 pts
  10. 10. Garfield 238 pts
  11. 11. Wimbledon Park 178 pts