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Hillcross Primary School

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Year 1

Finding a Half                                       Quarters

Year 2

 Name & Write Fractions  Fractions of Objects     Writing Simple Fractions   

Equivalent Fractions

Year 3

Counting in Tenths                       Dividing by 10          Recognise Fractions as Numbers

 Equivalent Fractions           Adding Fractions             Ordering Fractions

Year 4
Hundredths                         Decimal Equivalents      Decimal Equivalents 2

Diving by 10 and 100            Rounding Decimals        Comparing Decimals

Year 5
Compare & Order Fractions   Improper Fractions     Adding Fractions

Multiply Fractions by whole numbers    Understanding Fractions & Decimals

Problems with Decimals         Percentages              Solving Problems

Year 6

Simplifying Fractions                   Ordering Fractions        Adding mixed Number Fractions 

 Multiplying Fractions            Dividing Fractions        Calculating Decimals

Multiplying Decimals            Dividing Decimals                 Equivalents