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Hillcross Primary School

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Home Learning

Communication & Language and Reading

  • Share a book with your child (daily)
  • Recognising print in the environment; shop names, titles, names

Physical Development & Self help skills

  • Getting dressed and Undressed
  • Putting on their shoes and socks
  • Putting on their own coat and then learning to do up the zip and/or buttons
  • feeding themselves and drinking from a cup
  • Using the toilet and managing their own personal hygiene

Maths Key Skills

  • Recalling numbers to 10
  • To play board games at home to help with counting on
  • Recognising numbers to 10 
  • Recognising 2D shapes
  • Using and understand positional language

Writing Skills

  • Mark Making with lots of different media
  • Drawing a face
  • Practising their Hillcross YELs

Please find below some home learning activities that you can complete.