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Hillcross Primary School

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Whole School Topic

It is a Hillcross tradition, as most of you will know, that in the second half of the summer term we provide the children with the opportunity to approach their learning through a whole school topic. The whole school topic enables the Hillcross Community to come together to learn collaboratively and focus on the same topic as their friends and siblings in different year groups, and for families to get involved together.  We will be going ahead with the whole school topic despite our new way of working for 2020 as this provides an excellent platform for us to unite around a shared common focal point and keep our sense of school community strong.


For 2020 our topic is called The Hillcross Festival of Mind, Body and Soul.  This builds on some of the ideas that had been put forward by the school council prior to the school closures and has been chosen because of its appropriateness given the current times.  The topic will focus on promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, for ourselves and others not just now but ongoing throughout our lives.  Each week will focus on children learning skills within specific curriculum subjects around a similar theme but the specific knowledge and skills targeted will be different for each year group.

Across each of the weeks we will also be focusing on our Hillcross values, Habits of Mind and British Values. We will link these into our weekly themes and develop the children's understanding of each of these and their positive effect on our ongoing learning.

As creative and critical thinkers we will be developing our awareness of our four ‘House Thinkers’ with each week being linked to a thinker and one of their quotes. 

Week 1: Healthy Community (You and Me) 

subject focus History & Geography

Wollstonecraft (Red House) - "The beginning is always today."

Thank all our Keyworkers and NHS staff.

We welcome you all to our Whole School Topic with a special launch video created by the staff team.  We hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!



Launch Day

To launch the 2020 topic we invited the wider members of the Hillcross community to send in their photos from home. We asked all pupils to take part in an 'Un-Mufti' Day, putting on their uniform and wearing rainbow inspired accessories. The staff and children in the Hawthorn provision all wore bright colours for the day and photographed themselves working at school. The video helped to bring us all together in these strange times. 




Week 2: Healthy Soul (Expressing Yourself)

subject focus RE, Art & Music

Plato (Yellow House) - "Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others."

The Hillcross staff have created their own very video which tells the story of the Hillcross Bucket.  After you have heard the story 'Have you filled a bucket today?' by Carol McCloud ? (It is important that you are familiar with this story so that other aspects of this week’s learning make sense to you). Watch below to feel uplifted by the positive words shared by our wonderful staff team. 



Week 3: Healthy Mind (I am what I am) 

subject focus PSHE, British Values and Equality- Celebrating National Diversity Week!

 Hypatia (Green House) - ‘To understand the things that are at our door is the best
preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.’



Week 4: Healthy Body (Inside Out) 

subject focus DT, PE (sport and dance), Science.

Confucius (Blue House) - "It does not matter how slowly you go, so long
as you do not stop."


It is a Hillcross tradition, as most of you will know, to end our whole school topic each year with a finale. This event usually involves the wider Hillcross community and brings us all together in the final weeks of the school year.  The 2020 finale was hosted virtually and Hillcross community members were able to live stream the finale via Twitter. Hosting the finale via social media enabled all of the Hillcross community members (children, parents and staff) to join together from home and school.

The finale took place on Friday 3rd July at 10.30am. The children and staff in school came together, whilst ensuring we observed the social distancing rules, to dance to the WUSU routine. On the morning of the event we sent out a link to all families so that they can join us live too. During the performance, families were encouraged to submit comments to the live stream so that we knew who is joining us at home. These comments were read out by Helen Beckett.  Here is the event in full for anyone who missed the live stream.



We asked families who took part at home, to send in short videos or photos of them all joining in and we have produced a video montage of the event for you to enjoy!


Thank you to all members of the Hillcross community for coming together to make 2020         whole school topic a huge success.