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Hillcross Primary School

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a. January 2017

Below are all the wonderful activities that the children have been partaking in out of school.

Isaac G - Year 3 

Isaac entered a Blue Peter competition and received a Blue Peter badge for his efforts:

Jessica P - Year 2

Jessica received distinction in both her ballet and tap exams!

Rebecca M - Year 3

Rebecca obtained her white sash in Kung Fu.



Finn M - Year 1

Finn took part in the Big Read Event.

Isabelle Q - Year 6

Isabelle achieved dancing awards in Tap, Ballet and Contempory.

Josephine Q - Year 6

Josephine acheived dancing awards in Tap and Ballet.

Nia W - Year 1

Nia achieved her very first swimming certificate for swimming without a float to a red flag and back again.

Lola P - Year 1

Lola sent a Christmas card to the Queen and received a letter back thanking her.