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Hillcross Primary School

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g. July 2017

Please see below for all the achievements the children have shared with us.


Ayah, Nichol & Roxana-Race for Life 

The girls participated in the Race for Life and collectively raised a whopping £1,100 for Cancer Research UK - Well done girls, that's an amazing achievement! 



Seth - Swimming Gala

Seth was 4th place in his recent Swimming Gala. We are all very proud of you Seth.


Alex - Choi

Alex has managed to achieve a green belt in Choi. Your hard work has clearly paid off!



Sid has now progressed to white belt senior! Well done for working so hard on your skills Sid!


Keegan - Player of the Year

Keegan was awarded Player of the Year and received the Golden Boot for the most goals scored. 


Vincent - Triathlon

Vincent received a medal for his participation in a triathlon. Super work Vincent. Not one, but three different sports!


Ruby - Horse Riding

Ruby was awarded a rosette for her success in horse riding. What a fab achievement!



Alex came 2nd in his class, in his recent Chinese exam. We're very impressed by that!



Lorenzo managed to swim a whole 25 meters at David Lloyd and received his 25m certificate.



In her dance entry award with The Royal Dance Academy, Mya received a very impressive 10/10 for performance and was also awarded a distinction - that really is something to be proud of Mya!



Finn has reached Stage 4 in the Learn to Swim Award and has demonstrated an understanding of buoyancy and completed 10m in a range of different swimming styles. Go Finn!