Hillcross Primary School’s policies and procedures support the development of our positive school ethos in order to optimise the learning and wellbeing of our children. Some of these are statutory and we are legally required to have them, whilst others are important in the overall management and ethos of our school.

The policies and procedures in place play a significant role in helping us to develop an environment that is engaging, supportive and conducive to learning.  They help us to create a safe school for our children.

A shared understanding and ownership of these policies and procedures by all members of the school community is crucial, so please familiarise yourself with our school's policies as soon as you can. 

Policy intentions must be transformed into action by school staff, children, parents and the wider community.  At Hillcross we do this by involving the children in school decision-making via the Junior Leadership Team and by inviting children and parents to share their views of school policies and procedures via a range of surveys and forums.

Please also see the Parent tab at the top of the home page for more information on the operational procedures that are in place to support children’s safety and well-being and to enhance their learning.

If you require any information in paper format, please speak to the school office.



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