Class Re-organisation (Mixing-up)

At Hillcross we re-organise classes at the end of the reception year.  Thereafter, we only                re-organise classes when it is in the best interests of the children to do so.  Once a decision has been made, parents will be informed at the earliest opportunity.  When reorganising classes, consideration will be given to ensuring there is a balance of children from all groups including:

  •  Children who speak English as an Additional Language.  (Children within the year group should be assessed as 1—new to English, 2— developing English language or 3— fluent in English.)

  • Children with Special, Educational Needs or Disabilities.  (The level of need should be considered e.g. SEN concern, Support Plan or EHCP.  Please also consider how many children who receive a high level of support at the Support Plan stage.)

  •  Gender.

  • Attainment.  (A balance of children working Above, At, Towards, Below and Well-below Age Related Expectations.  Within each category their will be different needs and abilities that must be considered and taken into account.)

  • Progress.  (A balance of children who have typically made accelerated, expected or below expected progress.  Please look at this across the past few years where relevant. This should also include consideration of previous statutory data e.g. EYFS Profile and KS1 data,  are children still on track?)

  • Consideration of class dynamics.  (This should include consideration of individual and group behaviours, emotional well-being, mental health awareness, parental involvement and any other factor that impact.  In EYFS, levels of involvement and well-being will also be considered.) 

  •  Term of birth.  (A balance of children born in the autumn, spring and summer.)

  •  Pupil Premium—including children who are eligible for free school meals and ‘Ever Six’ children (who are not currently eligible for free school meals but have been in the past six years).

  •  Vulnerable or looked after children - including those who have social services involvement.

Discussions with all current year group staff, including support staff, should be included to ensure a fair and balanced split of children.


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