Home Learning - Homework

We believe home learning is a key way of preparing children for new learning and/or practising key skills they have learnt in school. Performance information shows that those children who continue their learning at home make comparatively better progress than their peers who do not.

There are often conflicting views amongst different members of the school community about homework expectations. Some people think children should be doing more than is asked of them and others think we are not asking for enough!  At Hillcross, we have attempted to find a balance by providing some elements of home learning that are non-negotiable and some that are optional extras. We have also tried to incorporate a degree of flexibility for those parents who find it difficult to fit specifically structured tasks into their already busy lives.  

Directed home learning tasks will be set every Friday and will be due in by the following Wednesday. All home learning tasks will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please refer to the Google Classroom links on the right hand side of this page to find out how Google Classroom works. 

Please refer to the Home Learning Policy for more information.

Investing time to support your child’s home learning can really help improve their progress and achievement. Try to make homework part of the family routine and create the time and space for your child to do their homework without distraction from the TV or radio. Together we can make sure that your child achieves the best possible outcomes.

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