Mobile Phones

The School strongly advises that children’s mobile phones and other personal devices should not be brought into school.  However, we accept that there may be particular circumstances in which a parent wishes their child to have a mobile phone for their own safety e.g. if they are walking to and from school.  Therefore, it would be expected that only children in Year 5 & 6 who walk to or from school without an adult will need to bring a phone into school. 

Mobile phones which are brought into school must be turned off (not placed on silent) and should be placed in the class box each morning as soon as the child enters the classroom.  These will then be taken to the admin office where they will be kept safely until the end of the school day.  If a child needs to contact his or her parents or carers, they will be allowed to use a school phone. Parents are advised not to contact their child via their mobile phone during the school day, but to contact the school office.

Mobile phones brought into school are entirely at pupil’s, parent’s or visitor’s own risk. The School accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any phone or hand held device brought into school. 

All mobile phone use is to be open to scrutiny and the Headteacher is to be able to withdraw or restrict authorisation for use at any time if it is to be deemed necessary. The School reserves the right to search the content of any mobile or handheld devices on the school premises where there is a reasonable suspicion that it may contain undesirable material, including those which promote pornography, violence or bullying.

Safe use of personal mobile devices by children

  • Children should protect their phone numbers by only giving them to trusted friends and family members.

  • Please ensure you speak to your child about the safe and appropriate use of mobile phones and personally-owned devices and make them aware of boundaries and consequences. 

  • No images or videos should be taken on mobile phones or personally-owned mobile devices without the prior consent of the person or people concerned. 

  • If a child breaches the school policy then the phone or device will be confiscated and will be held in a secure place in the school office. Mobile phones and devices will be released to parents or carers in accordance with the school confiscation policy.

Safe use of personal mobile devices by parents/carers

While we would prefer that parents did not use their mobile devices/phones while on the school premises, we recognise that many people see their mobile phones as an essential means of communication. We therefore ask that parents/carers only use their mobile phones on the school site where it is absolutely necessary and that they do so in a courteous manner and in a way that is appropriate to the school environment.  All parents have been asked to agree to an Acceptable Use policy when they joined the school, and they are encouraged to share this with all other adults who may come onto the school site on their behalf or to enjoy school events.

Photographs and Videos of Children

The school acknowledges that the majority of people who take or view photographs or videos of children do so for entirely innocent, understandable and acceptable reasons. Sadly, some people abuse children through taking or using images. To help protect pupils, we ask that no photographs are taken on the school site unless at supervised events and performances.  Where such photographs are taken, these are for personal use only and should not be distributed or put online. This is to protect all members of the community. 

The sharing of photographs and videos on social media is now commonplace but we must ensure we protect and safeguard all children and staff, including those who do not want to have their images stored online.  Parents should be reminded that:

  • Once posted and shared online any image or video can be copied and will stay online forever.
  • Some children are at risk and MUST NOT have their image put online.  Not all members of the community will know who they are.
  • Some people do not want their images online for personal or religious reasons.
  • Some children and staff may have a complex family background which means that sharing their image online can have unforeseen consequences.
  • Therefore, in order to keep all members of the community safe we must all ‘Think before We Post’ Online.



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