Communication Between Home and School

At Hillcross we aim to establish and promote a close relationship with all parents and guardians, in the interests of the children. We value and build on the experience and knowledge each parent has of their child to make sure their time at Hillcross is enjoyable and successful.  Positive lines of communication between home and school enable the children to receive continuity of education, care and support within both the home and school settings and it helps them to feel more secure when they receive consistent messages from both home and school.

  • Your views about our school are welcomed and there are a range of communication channels that parents and other members of the school community can use to enable a two way flow of information between themselves and the school (please see tab to the right).

  • We do recognise however that from time to time you may have a concern that you wish to raise with the school.  It is vitally important that any concerns regarding the well-being of your child, or any other child in the school community, are shared with the class teacher immediately.  We cannot support children if we are not aware that anything is happening. 

  • We are committed to responding to a parental concern as quickly and as sensitively as possible in order to resolve the issue promptly and will do so in line with the Parental Concern and Complaints Procedure.

  • We also undertake to inform you as soon as possible about any issues regarding your child or any concerns held by the school so that we can work together to resolve them.
  • For those Parents for whom English is an Additional Language the school has links with a number of members of the school community who are able to provide information in other languages on request. Please do get in touch if you need support or if you are willing/able to offer support to others. 


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