Drinking Water

Following feedback from parents, staff and children, and to support our drive to encourage children to develop healthy eating and drinking habits, clear plastic Hillcross water bottles are compulsory for all children.  Hillcross water bottles can be purchased via your Parentmail account. The bottles come with four different coloured lids, please buy the colour that corresponds with your families’s house colour.  There is a space on the bottle for you to write your child’s name.

In line with our commitment to protecting the environment, we have ensured the bottles can be recycled at the end of their life span in your normal household recycling.  It is often the lids that need replacing before the bottle so, to preserve their use for as long as possible, you can purchase additional lids separately in order to avoid having to buy a whole new bottle each time the lid needs replacing. 

The cost of the water bottle is £1.75 and lids can be purchased separately for £0.75.  

All children are asked to bring a water bottle to school so that they are able to keep hydrated throughout the day. 

Water bottles should be clearly named and contain water only.


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