Respectful Behaviour & Conduct


We welcome all visitors to our school and aspire to work in partnership with parents and neighbours to establish a school community in which everyone shows respect for themselves and for others. 

We treat visitors and parents with respect and we expect that this will be reciprocated.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our children, parents, staff and visitors are happy and safe at school. 

  • Please treat all members of the school community with respect and refrain from swearing and any form of intimidating behaviour.  

  • We will not tolerate aggressive or threatening behaviour towards anyone in the school.  We reserve the right to ban an individual from the premises as a result of such behaviour.

  • If you have any concerns relating to another parent or a child please speak to a member of school staff.  It can be very intimidating to be approached in the playground and in many cases this can create or escalate a situation that could have been avoided.

  • If you have any concerns relating to a member of staff please speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Our staff have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect at all times.  

Everyone has a duty of care to report issues observed directly to the school leadership team if they see these expectations not being followed.


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