School Dinners

At Hillcross we are proud to offer children an excellent school meal service and work closely with our catering providers to ensure school meals are nutritious and appeal to young children.  All meals are prepared and cooked on site daily in our newly refurbished kitchen and are prepared by a fantastic new team of friendly staff.  

Menus change regularly and children are offered a range of healthy meal choices. You can view the current menu below.  The school menu also offers vegetarian options and can accommodate allergy and dietary needs – please speak to a member of staff if your child has specific dietary requirements .  As well as their hot lunch the children are free to choose from a piece of freshly baked bread and from the salad cart, which offers a range of freshly cut vegetables each day.

We regularly ask the children about their opinions on school dinners and we have consistently received positive feedback from them since the beginning of the school year.

All children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One are entitled to a free school meal, under the governments Universal Free Schools Meal scheme.  The cost of school dinners for Years 3-6 is £2.40 per day.   School meals (free or paid for) must be booked on a half termly basis for all children via the school office.  Please email if you would like your child to have a school dinner.  Please ensure that payment is made for school dinners via ParentMail in advance of your child taking a meal.

It is the parent's responsibility to inform the admin team in writing if you wish your child to stop having school dinners.  If you do not do so you will continue to be charged.  

Changes can only take place at the beginning of each half term and will remain in place until the end of the term. Parents are not able to swap their child’s lunch option mid-term and must make a decision about which lunch option their child will take on a half termly basis.   

However, during the first half term of a child’s reception year we can be flexible in allowing children to try school dinners on a weekly basis (up until October half term). 

If you choose to send your child to school with a packed lunch on some days, you will still be charged for the school dinner if you have booked for the half term.  Please contact the school if there are special circumstances within which a change needs to be made mid-term.

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