Our Learning

At Hillcross we enable our children to think differently, aim high and achieve.

Through our school culture of high aspiration, embracing challenge, collaboration, shared responsibility and respect for each other, we aim for Hillcross to be the number one school of choice for the local community.  Our outstanding practice in all we do alongside our dynamic and ambitious curriculum provides all our children with rich opportunities and experiences for high quality learning and wider personal development.  

At Hillcross, we have designed a bespoke and ever changing curriculum that incorporates all elements of the National Curriculum whilst considering the specific needs of the children in our school community.  Careful consideration has been given to what content is crucial for our children to learn and the best contexts in which they can learn this so that they are educated citizens. 

Please refer to the Curriculum tab for more information our curriculum offer.

Curriculum implementation refers to how the planned curriculum is delivered to the children - the method and practices used to facilitate learning.  It is about the teaching that takes place every day to enable children to make progress, the interactions between people, the learning environment and the learning tasks themselves; the resources made available; and the opportunities provided.  The teaching method and practices (pedagogy) at Hillcross are explained below. 

Please refer to the Curriculum tab, Curriculum Implementation, for further information on the teaching and learning methods and practices we use to facilitate learning.

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