Handwriting and Presentation

When communicating ideas in writing it is important that children use a handwriting style which is neat and legible. The importance of handwriting should not be under-estimated. It is vital that children can write quickly, comfortably and legibly as it is a skill needed in many curriculum areas. Children’s self-esteem is also heightened when they are able to take pride in their handwriting.

At Hillcross children will be taught to use the Debbie Hepplewhite method of teaching fully joined writing.  This links into the phonics programme used across the school enabling the children to practice both sets of skills simultaneously.  A copy of the handwriting scheme can be found in the documents on the right hand side.  Please provide regular opportunities for your child to practice handwriting.   The frequency and length of these opportunities should vary according to the age and competence of your child but we recommend they practice at least two or three times a week until they are competent.  

All children are expected to use the script. Attention to posture and seating is important. Children who write with their left hand often face particular difficulties and teachers will discuss with parents how to help overcome these.  Children who display specific difficulties with handwriting will have these addressed through such interventions as slanted writing boards, rubber pencil grips, using alternative writing media etc. although reasonable adjustments can be made for individual children via the school SENCO if appropriate.

Children from Year 3-6 will write in pen in all subjects.  The school council have tested a number of different pens and the most popular versions have been ordered for each year group.  We will provide each child with a pen to use in school. If you would like to purchase one for your child to use at home, these can be purchased from the school office at a cost of 50p.

At Hillcross we have high expectations of our children and this extends to the presentation of their work.  We encourage children to take pride in the presentation of their written work, but also to make them aware that different degrees of neatness may be appropriate for different tasks. They are helped to see that there is a balance between speed and legibility which is dependent on the purpose of writing e.g. the final draft of a piece of writing will require the greatest attention to handwriting skills.  We encourage parents to hold the same expectations of presentation in the work the children do at home.  Please refer to the expectations for the presentation of children’s work by clicking on the tab on the right hand side of this page.

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