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Hillcross Primary School

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Curriculum Enhancement Fund

The School Trust Fund will now be referred to as The Curriculum Enhancement fund.

The fund is used to finance activities that are not generally supported by funding from the Local Authority. Income to the fund is obtained from fund raising and voluntary contributions. The purpose of The Curriculum Enhancement fund is to provide additional materials and opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of children.

Over the next few years we will be working to establish subject based learning spaces including a music room, a Design and Technology workshop, a science laboratory (no Bunsen burners though - sorry!) and an art studio. Our vision for these rooms to be fully equipped with everything the children and staff need to boost their learning experiences in each area of learning even further. We aim to use the Curriculum Enhancement Fund and support from The Friends of Hillcross to achieve this. 

The realities of school funding:

Each year we identify essentials that the school can afford to provide from the main school budget and other funds direct from government sources.  Unfortunately all schools have seen a reduction in funding over the last few years and we do not have the resources to pay for many of the additional resources and experiences we have been able to provide in the past.  The reduction in funding is likely to continue and contributions to The Curriculum Enhancement fund will become even more crucial to the on-going improvement of the school.

We know that our children are already accessing a high quality curriculum and excellent teaching and learning experiences in order to make the best possible progress. This is evidenced throughout the school year at various events that show off the children's progress and also by the continued increase in our end of year statutory outcomes. Just imagine how much better this could be if we had access to more funds to purchase new and additional resources and equipment to enhance our curriculum even more!

How can I make a contribution?

There are a number of ways you can voluntarily contribute to our school fund:

  • ParentMail – we suggest a donation of £120 (£10 per month) per child, although the amount given is up to the individual.

  • Monthly Standing Order - we suggest £10 (per month, although the amount given is up to the individual.

  • Cash/cheque

Of course, families are free to donate a larger amount if circumstances allow.  Anyone who is unable to make the suggested level of donation is welcome to make a smaller contribution and/or perhaps give their time to help in school or at fund-raising events - the Friends of Hillcross work very hard to fundraise for specific projects.

The Hillcross School Trust Fund is a registered charity and we are therefore able to claim Gift Aid back from the Inland Revenue on eligible donations: if you are a tax payer and complete a Gift Aid declaration, every pound donated by you is worth £1.25 to the school, making your donation go even further!

The names of contributing families and the amounts of individual contributions are kept completely confidential.  Whether a parent contributes or not will in no way affect the way any child is treated at school. 

Many thanks for your support, by making a contribution you can make a real difference to our school.  You can also show your support by getting involved in The Friends of Hillcross fundraising events and activities and by letting us know if you have contacts or experience that may be of benefit to the school. Please contact the school office if you or someone you know may be able to help by calling 0208 542 6936 or emailing