Cursive Handwriting

Introduction to the Debbie Hepplewhite Handwriting style.

This fully joined handwriting style and the method of teaching are suitable and successful for any age (from around six years old). The style is designed by Debbie Hepplewhite specifically for teaching purposes and it works exceptionally well to provide a fresh start in joined handwriting for older pupils.

The diagonal line joins soften as the writer becomes increasingly fluent. The style is taught as separate letters at first – not letter strings – and all the letters with their diagonal lead-in joins are taught to proficiency and automaticity before starting to join the letters into words. It is preferable to provide opportunities for intensive daily practice rather than, for example, a pace of one lesson per week. Good handwriting is an essential skill in the quest to spell and write fluently, confidently and competently. A joined handwriting style links kinaesthetic ‘muscle memory’ with the relationship between the sounds of our speech and the letter shapes, letter groupings and whole written words. The ability to write neatly can raise self-esteem and provides a motivating factor in the production of written work. 

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