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Hillcross Primary School

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Homework Help

Parents are encouraged to speak to a member of staff if they do not understand the homework set or if they are unsure how to help their child.  It is often a long time since parents have had to think about the concepts being taught and in some cases the strategies children are expected to use as part of the curriculum have changed since they were taught at school.

Parents are encouraged to let the school know via if they find anything useful that can be shared with other parents and we will upload these.

We are developing a frequently asked questions page so if you have a general query please send that in via and we will share the answer with all parents.

The pages on the right will be updated on going to provide relevant and useful information to assist parents and carers. The documents will provide explanations on vocabulary, terminology used in school and give examples to help parents help their child/ren.

Home leanring expectations can be found in our Home Learning policy and will be highlighted on each year groups Home learning page.