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Hillcross Primary School

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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision is to inspire a life long love of learning for the whole Hillcross Community.

We place great emphasis on:

  • Developing positive attitudes to learning, and towards others, in order to develop an emotionally intelligent and reflective community.

  • Introducing and developing key skills across a diverse and creative curriculum ensuring learning foundations are secure.

  • A creative approach to teaching and learning, which is rooted in talk for learning and thinking skills

  • Relevant, meaningful and motivational learning experiences which ensure each child learns in a fun, exciting and stimulating way.  

  • Learning which is tailored to the needs of each individual and encourages independence, positive self esteem and confidence.

  • Celebrating achievement and success for everyone.

Our cross-curricular approach means that all topics will link so that their learning becomes more meaningful and exciting. We recognise different learning styles and look to develop children's individuality across a broad range of activities to enable them to attain high standards and achieve their full potential.
To complement learning and bring it to life, the children have regular access to practical learning experiences, go on visits to places of interest in the local and wider community that relates to their learning, and welcome relevant visitors (including parents) into school.  In KS2 children are also offered the opportunity to take part in residential trips.  As well as being fun and meaningful, these opportunities help to extend the children’s knowledge of the world around them.

We highly value the partnership between home and school and recognise the benefit it has on your child’s learning. These links will be supported via home learning which helps the children to understand that learning is an ongoing journey that takes place in all contexts of life using a variety of tools.