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Hillcross Primary School

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Performance Information

The information below shows you how Hillcross Primary School performed at Foundation stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 this year. The data is compared to National results for 2017.

In Foundation Stage children are assessed against the 'Early Learning Goals' (ELG). These goals cover a range of areas of development, as you can see from the table below.

There have been a great many changes in the assessment arrangements for Key stage 1 & 2. Expectations have been raised and children no longer receive a National Curriculum 'Level'. Instead, at Key stage 1, the children are judged to be either 'working at the expected standard' or 'working at greater depth' and we have reported below the percentage of children that meet this standard. At Key stage 2, children are given a scaled score for the tests in Reading, Maths and Spelling and Grammar. They are then judged to be 'working at expected standard' if their score is 100 or above. Children 'working at greater depth' will have achieved a scaled score of 110 or more.

For more detailed information follow the links at the bottom of this page

Standards at Foundation Stage (2016-17)

The 'Good Level of Development' is where children have achieved the ELG in all of the 'prime areas' and 'Literacy' & 'Maths'.

At Hillcross in this year 75% children achieved a Good Level of Development. Nationally this percentage was 71%


Standards at Key Stage 1 (2016-17)


Standards at Key Stage 2 (2016-17)

In these results the progress children have made is also shown. This is now shown as a 'score'. A score of 0 means the children, on average, have made expected progress. A positive score means the children have made better than expected progress, whilst a negative score means their progress is worse than expected.   

School Data in More Detail

By following these links you can see more detail about standards achieved by Hillcross pupils at the end of key stages 1 and 2 and compare them to national outcomes.

School data on the Department for Education's website 

This site gives information about:

  • The school;
  • Our SAT results;
  • Comparisons between our results and those for the Local Authority and for the whole of England;
  • How well we are doing at raising our children's achievement;
  • Our attendance rates;
  • How we spend our money;
  • Our staffing;
  • Our last Ofsted inspection.