What do our parents say about Hillcross?

Please click on the 'Parent appreciation of the Hillcross Journey' to hear from parents of Year 6 children who have recently left our school.  We are delighted to keep close links with families who have been part of community, often for many years, some of whom return to work at the school or send their own children to school with us!

Parental Feedback:

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you are doing for our children at school.  The education you are providing is excellent."

‘I want to say thank you to every member of staff at Hillcross - you all play such a big part in our children's lives, not only a brilliant and creative education but so much more."

"I just wanted to write and thank all the fantastic staff, for everything you have been doing this term to keep the school running and to provide some normality and stability for our children.  I’m sure it can’t have been an easy task.  I can say, though, that the children very much appreciate what the school has been doing for them and that school life has been a real anchor, in some cases perhaps even a life saver, for many many children in these uncertain times.’

Parent response to recent Remote learning:

"I wanted to say a massive thank you to the whole team at Hillcross. It’s very clear from the quality of work being provided for home schooling that you have all worked so hard. We love the new format and the live lessons.  It’s helped to keep some familiarity in these difficult times."

"The combination of the live lessons, the PowerPoint lessons, the links to clips and the YouTube stories were fantastic! We were really impressed and grateful. I think we felt like we were helping keep the momentum of the learning going even if we weren't able to teach as well as the professionals! Thank you."

Parent response to Class Celebrations:

"Sessions like these are enjoyed by both children and parents alike. An excellent idea and very clear that the children are in good hands at Hillcross!"

"Very enjoyable experience, and it's clearly a lot of work for all concerned - would love it to happen more often."  

Parent response to Progress Celebration Evenings:

"It's a lovely event - thank you so much. My children were so excited to show us pieces of work they were proud of and it really is evident that they have made progress."

"My children love showing me around their classes and demonstrating their learning via their workbooks. It is also a great opportunity to assess their progress in between formal meetings with their teachers."

"Really interesting to see how the work evolves from the classroom to homework. Very impressed by the amount of work achieved in class! We are very grateful for all your hard work & effort."

Parent response to how their child has settled into Nursery:

I am really impressed with everything Penny is picking up from school. The Nursery team are doing such a fantastic job -and Penny has definitely grown a love for reading now :)

"Easy communication with the teacher."

Parental response to after school and Breakfast club provision, The Copse:

"Overall it is a great service and the children are very happy to go and sometimes unhappy if picked up too early!"

"The communication is always smooth, always very prompt responding to emails. I like that the kids are often ready to leave when I arrive."

"The management is excellent. Great balance between friendly and efficient. Really quick replies to emails. I’m always greeted with a smile by Angela, despite chopping and changing arrangements due to work commitments changing."

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how very happy I am with the breakfast club and I absolutely love the fact my children love going ....... anyone can see that from the way they run through the gates laughing and joking as they go along the lane at 7:30am in the morning. Angela or Julie are always waiting to welcome my children in and from the outside looking in it looks like a very cosy and warm little Hotel with a buffet breakfast :) I feel my children are happy, loved, very safe and cared for I have no worries at all with breakfast club! Thank you for looking after them so I can get to work, the support makes a massive difference to me."

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