Team Juniper

Meet the Team!

Team Juniper Class Teacher: Miss Sophie Martin

LSA: Sally Salvona and Hiba Badel

To Be or Not To Be: Macbeth

Team Juniper have jumped back in time for their Trailblazer topic, learning all about William Shakespeare and how he impacted British poetry and theatre. 

  • For writing, we rewrote our own witches' poem from the story of Macbeth using Shakespearean language which Mr Christy commented that he was 'blown away!'
  • We then tea-stained paper and rewrote our poems for our corridor display. 
  • The children then made cauldrons and 'inked' character's lines from the play using language of that time.
  • We have also taken the play of Macbeth and performed our version of the classic production, where many children have fully immersed themselves into the role with lines, acting and props!
  • Some children have taken on the part as musicians and composed all of the music and sound effects needed for the show using a variety of instruments.

We cannot wait to share our learning with our school community!

We are FANTASTIC Writers!

This half term, we will be writing our own narrative based on the story 'Rose Blanche' which follows the life of a young girl living in Germany during World War 2.

We will use a variety of grammatical techniques in order to engage and excite our reader.

Please take a look back here at the end of the half term to see some of our fictional stories. 

War of the Worlds!

This half term, we will be stepping back through history and delving into World War. We will be learning what it was like to be a child in World War 1 and 2 and the impact war had on the families. We will be writing letters using formal language in role as a member of the Home Office.

We will also be visiting the Imperial War Museum to gather more information about what life was like during the war for children and families as well as walk through an interactive trench to learn about the conditions a soldier had to live in whilst fighting on the front line.

Pictures coming soon...

We are 'Marvellous Mathematicians'!

This half term, we will be applying our understanding of our times tables in order to multiply and divide using formal, written methods (long multipiplication and long division).

How could you calculate the following:

234 x 12

3561 x 25 =

Building our Fact Fluency

We are continuing to apply our past knowledge to what we learnt in Year 5 and improving our fact fluency and arithmetic.

In line with the Times Tables Pledge, please ensure your child is completing at least 10 minutes of TTRS each day as this will support their learning across a variety of maths concepts. You can also use Daily 10 (found on the TopMarks website) to improve and consolidate fact fluency.


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