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At Hillcross, we recognise that taking part in regular physical activity contributes to maintaining a healthy body weight. We encourage all members of our school community to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting down by educating them in the importance of, and showing them the enjoyment that can be had when taking part in, physical activity.  We hope that this will lead to the development of a lifelong commitment to being physically active.  If the amount of energy used up through physical activity is greater than the amount consumed we can help to reduce obesity amongst children and adults.

Our Curriculum

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure all children in school participate in 2 hours of high quality physical activity during PE lessons each week. 

  • To continue to offer a broad range of extra-curricular physical opportunities for all ages and abilities through sports clubs that are for enjoyment and that act as pathways to inter-competitions. 

  • To raise the awareness and importance of physical activity for all members of our school community, increasing the number of children taking part in at least 60 minutes, and adults 30 minutes, of exercise each day. 

  • To develop positive mind-sets within all pupils thus increasing self-esteem and confidence.


  • A termly PE Provision Map is updated and made available to staff and parents (via the school website). 

  • A timetable for the use of school sporting facilities is kept to allow sufficient time and space for PE to be taught to all children across the school.

  • External coaches and members of Hillcross staff follow the MSSP schemes of work which allow children to achieve either Bronze, Silver or Gold within each unit of work. 

  • Teachers plan and cater for a variety of learners and ensure active elements appear in their lessons. When appropriate, lessons are taught outside to enable pupils the space to be more active. Various strategies are used to support physical activity within the classroom such as ‘brain gym’ and ‘chunking’ of lessons. 

  • The PSHE and Science curriculum enable teachers to teach health-related exercise and its benefits to pupils across the school. Long term planning documents have been created to ensure all skills are taught across each academic year which allows pupils to build on their prior knowledge. 

  • A range of sporting clubs, run by external coaches and members of staff, will be made available to pupils each term.  Special considerations will be made for key groups of children to ensure that those who would like to attend are able to. This includes a range of non-competitive before and after school activities, giving a range of children the opportunity to be activity.

  • Half termly intra house competitions and an annual sports day promote active learning and will allow children to work collaboratively in house teams to win points that will go towards an end of year total. 

  • Merton Schools Sports Partnership (MSSP) run a ‘Keep Active’ club on the school grounds throughout the school holidays to help pupils keep physically active out to term time.

  • Regular updates are made to the School Travel Plan to encourage more members of the school community to walk to school year-on-year. 

  • Pupils develop skills that will enable them to adopt a healthy lifestyle ongoing which include Wake Up Shake Up, 10 minutes a day, Daily Mile and Playleaders.

  • Sports Premium Funding is used to develop facilities that will enable and encourage physical activity in the longer term such as building a new cricket wicket, the introduction of outdoor table tennis tables etc.

Through our P.E curriculum we aim to:       

Special considerations are made for key groups of children to ensure that they are able to keep physically active throughout the school day. These include:

  • 1:1 support to allow pupils to access the curriculum.

  • Differentiated resources, playing spaces and rules allow pupils of varying abilities to access the same learning.

  • Paid provision for clubs and swimming for disadvantaged pupils. 

  • PE kits are provided for children when needed.

  • Mixed gender and single-gender clubs for sports and competitions.

  • Competition pathways that lead to participation at borough level for those pupils who are gifted and talented in PE and/or leadership.

  • Playleader clubs promote peer learning and the development of leadership skills.

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