Reception Expectations

Home Learning Expectations


Children learn all the time both in and out of school.  There are many benefits to targeted home learning activities including challenging and inspiring children’s interests, consolidating their existing skills and developing their independence.  Home learning also provides an opportunity for children to make links between the learning they do in school and other areas of their life.

As a minimum, we ask children in Reception to complete the following home learning every week:


  • Reading
    • Shared reading at least 5 times a week (parent reads to child) and record this in your Yellow Reading Log. 
    • The recommended time is 10 minutes.
    • Shared reading of a phonetically decodable text each week (child reads to parent) *when children are developmentally ready.
    • Please refer to our Reading Pledge.
    • Reading is so important that we recommend reading everyday if you can!


  • Maths Fluency
    • Maths Fluency activities woven into everyday life, eg. Sequencing the morning routine, noticing how many items of food are on a plate and discovering patterns.  
    • The recommended suggestion is looking for one or two opportunities each day.
    • You may also like to try some of these games at home on a tablet or laptop –


  • Writing Fine Motor (Handwriting) -
    • Play involving a fine motor activity daily. This will be shared with you via Google classroom each week.
    • When a child’s fine motor skills are sufficiently developed, children will be asked to engage in daily handwriting practice. This will be advised via Google classroom as appropriate.
    • The recommended suggestions is for at least five minutes.
    • Please encourage your child to use the correct pencil grip when mark making. See additional document on the website.
    • White bards and pens may be purchased from the school office for home use.


  • Phonics
    • Daily phonics activity including oral blending and segmenting practice. This will be shared on Google classroom and should be completed in your child’s Phonics book.
    • Daily key word practice – these words should be read on sight. Once confident, please encourage your child to write them. These will be shared on Google classroom each week.
    • The recommended time for this is 10 minutes.
    • Please refer to our Handwriting Pledge – it is vital that you use the correct cursive script at all times and all writing activities are opportunities to practice the correct form.


Other Home Learning Opportunities


  • The half termly Year Group Curriculum Newsletter will contain topic related activities and ideas that families may wish to complete.  These are optional but please share if you complete these or any other related activity via Google Classroom or verbally as this helps to get a better view of the children’s knowledge and understanding.  
  • Class teachers may set the whole team additional specific subject related home learning tasks where appropriate to do so.  This will support learning across the wider curriculum.  
  • Class teachers may ‘set’ specific children, or groups of children, additional tasks if they feel that the children would benefit from some pre-learning or where they have identified in a lesson that children need to consolidate the learning that has taken place, or revisit previous learning.  

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