Overdue Library Book Procedures

Children visit the school library every week.  If they do not return the book after 4 weeks the following procedures will apply: 

Overdue Book Process

  • 10–14 days overdue (child has had book for 4 weeks)
    First Reminder - sent via ParentMail

  • 15–20 days overdue (child has had book for 5 weeks)
    Second Reminder - sent via ParentMail

  • 21+ days overdue (child has had book for 6 weeks)
    Charge made to ParentMail Account – a £5 charge will be added

  • 28+ days overdue (child has had book for 7 weeks)
    Final Letter via ParentMail – A final letter from the Headteacher will be sent home requesting the missing book is replaced, returned or the £5 charge is paid by ParentMail or cash.

School holidays are taken into account by the school librarians when sending reminders and allocating charges to ensure the children have enough time to return their books.

*Please note parents are encouraged to contact the school at the earliest point in this process if there is a problem, or they feel there has been an error. 


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