Phonics and Spelling in Year 2 to 6

At Hillcross, our phonics Programme is Phonics International (PI). As the children move from Year Two to Year Six, the National Curriculum expectations are also incorporated into this cohesive and progressive programme of phonics and spelling teaching, so that by the time our children leave Year Six, they will have the knowledge and skills they need to be confident and independent readers and writers. 

Children will be taught in class phonics and spelling sessions. In addition to these sessions, they will continue to be exposed to incidental teaching, across all subject areas, which will provide opportunities for children to embed their phonics and spelling skills.

In Year Two to Year Six:

  • Children will be taught in their class groups.  
  • The main PI units run from unit 7-unit 12 and are embedded alongside National Curriculum spelling expectations.
  • Where appropriative, PI resources will be used and children will focus on writing, which will include both devised and dictated sentences across the week.
  • In year 2, children will be given opportunities to read Pseudo ‘Alien’ words.
  •  Keywords will be practised daily, increased focus on spelling keywords.

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