Curriculum Information

The information below outlines the topics we will be covering in Year 6 this year.

Autumn 1 | Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Investigating the crime and punishment through the ages considering the importance of British Values and equality.

Autumn 2 | A Class Act. 

Investigating the physical geography of South America including classification of flora and fauna.

Spring 1 | War of the Worlds.

Investigating the impact that WW1 & 2 had on British families.

Spring 2 | Piece at Last.

Investigating the human geography of South America including settlements, land use and trade.

Summer 1 | Game, Set and Match.

Investigating the impact of sport on our own bodies and the effect of The Wimbledon Tennis Championships on the local area.

Summer 2 | TBC

Our whole school topic will be chosen in the Spring Term

Please click on the tabs opposite to see our Knowledge Organisers for further information about Year 6 topic learning this year.


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