Curriculum Information

The information below outlines the topics we will be covering throughout the year.  

Autumn 1 | Supermarket Sweep

Discovering food from around the world, designing and making bread and a visit to The Chocolate Museum 

Autumn 2 | Rotten Romans 

Feasting on the Roman Republic, mosaic designing and the impact the Romans had on Britain.

Spring 1 | Settle Down

Discovering who the Anglo-Saxons were and where they came from whilst studying their art and culture. 

Spring 2 |  Secret Garden

Nurturing green fingers with plants, growth and the root of physical geography.

Summer 1 | Dig Deep!

Travelling back in time to learn about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Summer 2 | TBC

Our whole school topic will be chosen in the Spring Term.

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