If my child has ADHD

ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental condition estimated to affect up to 5% of the population (Polanczyk et al., 2007).  The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises ADHD as a neurodevelopmental condition which affects the neurotransmitters ability to transfer messages through the frontal lobes of the brain. ADHD is a non-discriminatory condition affecting people of every age, gender, IQ, religious and socio-economic background. 

At Hillcross we work with families and children to support them through understanding this condition, working with outside professionals during assessment and diagnosis and ensuring the child is able to access the support they need in school.

We have, and continue to, work with ADHD EMBRACE, a Kingston based charity who provide a supportive community for parents and professionals, as well as training and advice. You can access their website via this link- ADHD EMBRACE


ADHD Foundation


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