Parents appreciation of the Hillcross journey

To all the staff of Hillcross, past and present…

When we were looking for a nursery place for our eldest daughter, Hillcross was in special measures. Many I’m sure would have been and perhaps were put off by this. But having come to the school to look around, Hillcross just felt right in a way that other schools I looked around didn’t. I can remember some friends being incredulous at our choice, as if we were somehow doing our children a disservice by actually choosing a special measures school and trying to justify a decision (it’s within walking distance, the EY is outstanding etc.) that was based on feeling.

It is never a choice that has been regretted. All of our daughters have both enjoyed and excelled at Hillcross and I believe that is what matters. My eldest is about to embark on her GCSE choices, is a both skilled artist and sportswoman. Both skills she was able to develop at Hillcross.

Our second born daughter, has grown into a quietly confident young lady. Calm and often wise beyond her years, the greatest difficulty she experienced at Hillcross was accepting and processing an unexpected medical diagnosis. I will never forget the staff who supported both her and myself during this time.

Then our youngest, who, has been coming to Hillcross from less than two weeks old. If (she) is anything like her sisters, then I’m sure that the foundation Hillcross has given her will hold her in good stead as she begins the next chapter of her school life.

But Hillcross has not just been about our daughters, it has also been a huge part of the whole family’s life for the past 11 years. I’ve been countless school trips, accompanied sports teams to fixtures, spent 3 years’ worth of Fridays walking to the swimming pool, and painted endless faces at the school fair each year.  As a school governor, I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the sheer amount of hard work and effort that all staff put in to ensuring the very best for all of the Hillcross children.

Our 11 year Hillcross journey has been a very happy and enjoyable one. It has been a time I will never forget and I cannot believe it is coming to an end. The words do not seem enough for everything you have meant to all of us all on the journey with you.

Keep on doing what you do so well.

July 2020

Dear Mrs Francis and the Hillcross Staff,

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you all. Twelve years ago, we came to visit the Early Years provision for our eldest daughter, and we were so impressed by everything that we encountered. We are so happy we chose Hillcross for both of our girl’s primary education. The learning opportunities have been outstanding, and we have so many happy memories; school trips, school plays, assemblies and nativities, sports days, summer/spring and Christmas fairs, and carol concerts to name a few.

You really do go above and beyond to ensure the children have an exceptional primary experience. We have particularly enjoyed the opening and closing ceremonies of the ‘Whole School Topics’; jousting on the school field for ‘A Knight to Remember’ and the whole school line dance for ‘Wild Wild West’ were particular favourites.

My girls have loved their time spent at Hillcross, and it has been a pleasure to have been a part of the school community for so many years as parents.

July 2020

Dear Hillcross, 

My daughter has grown up in Hillcross from the age of 3 and is now graduating from year 6.  We as a family would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for making her primary school experience so special and full of joy. She has loved every second of it and she will miss her lovely, kind and supportive Hillcross family so much. 

Thank you again for everything you all do!

July 2020

Dear Hillcross,

We wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to you all!  My daughters time at Hillcross has been amazing and we truly believe that she was at the perfect primary school for her.

We have watched our child grow and develop at Hillcross (into) a confident Year 6 child who knows her worth.  We are very proud of the person she is becoming and have been so pleased that so many of things that we value and believe are important, are fostered in the community at Hillcross. You are helping parents raise well-rounded, kind and thoughtful kids.

I remember doing the tour of Hillcross and the staff were inspirational in their genuine delight for what the school stood for.  The colours and creativity, the out of the box thinking - we moved to this area because of the school.

The small things are what really makes a school great.  A passion for education by the teachers and an enthusiasm that never wavers – that is Hillcross.  Staff never gave our child the option to deliver less than her best.   We worked together at home and at school and together we got some great results. 

What we have really appreciated is that every teacher she has had, has commented on her enthusiasm for learning, but has still pushed her to work harder, to do better, encouraged her, celebrated her success and kept on expecting her to deliver.  All this has been done in a really caring, constructive and thoughtful way.  Children are expected to learn from every experience and grow as individuals.  The Hillcross values and the ethos of the school is all about developing good role models.   

We often comment, when we hear from friends about some of the meanness and bullying that goes on in schools, that we have never had that experience at Hillcross.  Each time something has bubbled up, the school dealt with it in a very thoughtful way.   I love that the kids at Hillcross do not seem to see ethnicity, colour, religion, wealth - they just see their friends and people they like.   We have been so impressed and thankful that this is the ethos at Hillcross and instilled in them every day.  The children all cheer each other on, celebrate each other’s successes and genuinely care about each other.    As a school, you should be so proud of this and it truly is a reflection of what a great job you are doing.

Thank you for an amazing primary school experience, one that we will all treasure forever.

July 2020

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