Phonics Learning


As we know Phonics is extremely important as it develops the skills we need in order to read and write.

At Hillcross we follow Phonics International as our spelling and phonics programme. At this point of the year Year 1 are focusing on consolidating all of the graphemes and phonemes up to unit 6.

Across this half term we will be focusing on the codes within unit 6 and applying our knowledge to our reading, writing and spelling.

Please find your daily phonic activities on google classroom. 

Phonics games and activities can be accessed via Espresso, focusing on Ash's phonics.                (click image below to access)

For a more challenging activity focus try Scully's Phonics


We are also focusing on reading Alien words (non real words) which shows us if the child is able to segment a word using their phonics knowledge. This is an important skill as the child will be reading purely using their phonics knowledge as the words have no meaning.

Click the image above to access PhonicsPlay website and the game 'Obb and Bob', a favourite with the children in school. Choose phase 5 to link with our weeks learning.

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