Filtering Systems

Hillcross Primary School:

  • Informs all users that internet/email use is monitored.

  • Has the educational filtered secure broadband connectivity through the LGfL.

  • Uses the LGfL filtering system which blocks sites that fall into categories (e.g. adult content, race hate, gaming). All changes to the filtering policy are logged and only available to staff with the approved ‘web filtering management’ status.

  • Ensures network health through use of Sophos anti-virus software (from LGfL).

  • Uses DfE, LA or LGfL approved systems including DfE S2S and LGfL USOFX2, to send ‘protect-level’ (sensitive personal) data over the Internet.

  • Uses encrypted devices, LGfL My Drive or secure remote access where staff need to access ‘protect-level’ (sensitive personal) data off-site.

  • Works in partnership with the LGfL to ensure any concerns about the system are communicated so that systems remain robust and protect students

Hillcross Primary School, Ashridge Way, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4EE

020 8542 6936