What do our children say about Hillcross?

Year 6  

"Hillcross is an aspirational school where everyone has the chance to realise their ambitions."
   "At Hillcross the teachers always help us to achieve our best."       

 Year 5 

"Everyone at HIllcross respects other people's values and beliefs."

"Everyone has a challenge they have to go through, but Hillcross helps you with that."

 Year 4 

"I love the playground and the learning at Hillcross, especially because the teachers help us to learn lots of amazing things."

"I love the staff at Hillcross, because they teach us things in a fun way and they are really supportive. They make Hillcross the best school ever! 

Year 3 

"We have Hillcross Values and we use them to progress in our learning."

"We learn lots of exciting Maths"

Year 2

"Hillcross is the best because we have democracy and we are allowed to vote and people listen to our ideas."

"I like going to The Copse (after school club) and having fun"

Year 1

"Everyone cares about you"

"We are a great Thinking school"

"We have the best school lunches ever!"


"We make new friends and have fun"

"We learn new things every day!"


"We can play with lots of toys"

"We have fun!"

Hillcross Primary School, Ashridge Way, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4EE

020 8542 6936