Curriculum Information Year 5

The information below  outlines the topics we will be covering throughout the year.  Please see our English and Maths ‘Year 5 Learner’ Expectations for further information.

Autumn 1 | Third Rock from the Sun!

Illuminating facts about day and night,  shadow and Earth’s natural resources.

Autumn 2 | Third Rock from the Sun...continued!

Out of this world facts about the solar system.

Spring 1 | It’s all Greek to me!

Looking at the Greeks differently by applying knowledge of how our eyes see.

Spring 2| Marvellous Maya! 

Zooming into London to tour the capital and then the local area of Morden.

Summer 1 |London’s Calling! 

MAY-Answer questions about this Mesoamerican civilisation; culture, plants and animals.

Summer 2 | TBC

Our whole school topic will be chosen in the Spring Term


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