4. Thursday 2nd April 2020



Good morning girls and boys...

Now we know that you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the tasks and activities that we give you as it requires you to think deeply. And...thinking deeply takes a lot of effort but it is usually worth it in the end. So, it is only fair, that we too are challenged every now and then. As a result, there is a link to Youtube today in your English lesson to watch modelled writing (or typing in this case) of the descriptive paragraphs you will need to complete today. Try to ignore the voice (as it sounds awful!) and focus on how the writer is thinking and choosing what to write, how she reads and reads and then reads it again to try to improve and find errors. Remember nothing comes easily, we need to work hard to meet our potential. Now we too will be challenging ourselves more and more so it is only fait that you do the same. Have a wonderful day our wonderful Hillcross children. The school is soooooooo quiet without you...and very lonely too. Be safe and also be kind to your parents. Challenge yourself to think of smilies to describe your behaviour, attitude, mood etc as this is a focus in today's reading. 

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