Guided Reading

It is widely recognised that children who read are more articulate, more confident and better informed. 

This is supported by research (PISA, Jim Rose Review) which suggests that reading for pleasure is more important for children's educational success than most other factors; there has also been links made between the emotional development of primary children and deep engagement with great literature and storytelling. 

Reading is an important way to gain knowledge and understanding across all areas of the curriculum.  The children read at school every day, across all areas of the curriculum but time is limited in school for sustained periods of reading for pleasure.

Therefore, we need to work together to try and encourage and intrigue your child to read high quality texts and there needs to be a balance between the types of books we ask our children to read. 

Reading in Year One 

Each child in Year one has a specific reading day. All children are aware of their reading day, the day in which they complete guided reading and change their reading books. Each week we will upload the reading focus for the week in this folder. You can access the reading activity plan and the accompanying text for your child's reading ability.

Weekly guided reading activities will be provided via Goggle Classroom each week.

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