Team Rowan

Welcome to Team Rowan!

Did you know ... You can spot a Rowan tree by it's scarlet berries? Clusters of creamy-white flowers appear before developing into berries. The seeds of this tree are dispersed by birds. What other information could you find out about our team tree?

Wonderful Work

During the second half of the Summer term, Team Rowan have been developing their balance and strength in their gymnastics lessons. They have also been transferring their body weight from their feet to their hands. 

Here are some of their achievements -


Trip to Morden Hall Park

Team Rowan took a trip to Morden Hall Park to consolidate their learning about rivers and plants. It was a great opportunity to point out the features of our local river, the River Wandle, and to look at the different trees and plants growing close to school. The children were able to name their features and the purpose of these.

Team Rowan had a wonderful time!


Science Afternoon

Tumbling Toast

Team Rowan set up an investigation to find out whether toast always lands butter side up when dropped.

What do you think their findings were?



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