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Hillcross Primary School

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b. February 2017

Please see below for all the achievements the children have shared with us this month.

Freddie - Oak Class

Freddie achieved his stage 1 swimming award.

Bobby - Larch Class

Bobby achieved stage 2 swimming award.


Ronnie - Larch Class

Ronnie achieved his stage 1 swimming award.


Harrison - Rowan Class

Harrison graded once again in his Choi Kwango Do green belt, he is now half way to black belt.

Logan - Larch Class

Achieved his yellow belt senior at Choi Kwango Do

Ruby - Holly Class

Ruby has acheived distinctions in her Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Modern exams.

Rayyan - Cedar Class

Rayyan graded successfully for his Gold Belt at Chi Combat System Martial Arts.

Freya - Hazelnut Class

Congratulations to Freya who successfully gained her 5m swimming badge and certificate.