“Assessment is not about where the child should be, it is about where the child is now and the developmental journey needed to make progress.” (EEXAT 2017)

In Early Years, we use an observation-based assessment system to collect evidence on individual children's learning and development. Evidence in the form of photographs, videos and written observation are collected across the day on all children within a variety of situations: child initiated activities; adult directed learning; outside learning sessions; inside play experiences and groups sessions. The evidence collected is then collated into two separate 'Learning Journeys': one is a paper-based scrap book, showing their paper-based creations,  and the other is an online system which collects the videos and photographic evidence.

All evidence is then used to build a holistic picture of a child's ability and allows us to see the progress, over time, for all areas of learning and development. All evidence is used to inform our on-going assessment system, Evidence Me: one fully integrated online assessment system designed to accurately record children’s knowledge, skills and learning dispositions. Evidence Me is a system that establishes the starting points on entry and is used for documenting, reporting and moderating evidence of children’s learning from birth to five years. The system allows staff to plan next steps for each child, adapting the learning and environment to ensure individuals continue to make progress over time.



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