Curriculum Information

The information below outlines the topics we will be covering in Year 2 this year.

Autumn 1 | London Landmarks.

Locating London Landmarks through an open top bus tour. 

Autumn 2 | Hearts and Lanterns. 

Taking a step back in time to celebrate the heroines of the Crimean War and considering the impact they have today.

Spring 1 | Under the Sea

Locating the 7 continents of the world and the seas that surround them whist researching ocean habitats and the species which live there. 

Spring 2 | Disaster Strikes

The Great Fire of London in 1666. What happened? Who was to blame? How can we find
this out?

Summer 1 | A Journey to Discovery 

A study of the physical and human geography of Kenya and making comparisons to London. 

Summer 2 | TBC

Our whole school topic will be chosen in the Spring Term

Please click on the tabs opposite to see our Knowledge Organisers for further information about Year 2 topic learning this year.










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