School Rules

At Hillcross we have six rules that staff and pupils have agreed upon which form our code of behaviour:

We aim high in our learning and value others right to learn.

(We use our past experience, ask questions and think carefully about our learning.  We approach learning with positivity, take responsible risks and persist to make sure it is the best it can be.)

We work co-operatively to achieve success.

(We are willing to listen to the ideas of others, seek consensus and accept feedback.  We move around the school quietly to avoid disrupting others.)

We communicate clearly and listen to others with empathy.

(We choose our words carefully to avoid hurting others or creating a misunderstanding.  We listen with empathy so that we can understand another person’s point of view.)

We treat everyone with respect.

(We value difference and hold back on our opinions and prejudices so that we can think flexibly and consider alternative ideas and approaches.)

We keep each other safe and find peaceful solutions to any problems that arise.

(We think before we act, try to remain calm and consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others.  We use the school environment and equipment safely and look out for possible dangers.)

We look after our environment .

(We are proud of our school.  We keep the school tidy, respect the natural environment and follow the school’s Eco-Code.)

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