School Rules/Code of Behaviour

  • Our school rules/code of behaviour is based on our school values, the 17 Habits of Mind, the International Rights and Responsibilities of children (Rights Respecting School) and the views of our school community. 

  • These are clearly displayed in the classrooms and around the school in written and visual formats. 

  • References are routinely made to these and their underlying purposes, as part of lessons and all other aspects of school life, such as during assemblies, when partaking in inter house and school competitions etc. to reinforce it. 

1. We ALL have the RIGHT to learn


Aim high in our learning, take responsible risks and persist to make sure it is the best it can be.

Take responsible risks in their learning, make mistakes and learn from them.

Value others' right to learn by making the right choices about their own learning and behaviour.

Ensure equipment and resources are used appropriately and looked after.

Ensure all equipment and resources are returned to their places after use.

Help keep our classroom tidy, even if we have not created the mess.

 2. We ALL have the RIGHT to be respected


Value difference and hold back on our opinions and prejudices so that we can think flexibly and consider alternative ideas and approaches.

Allow others to have their own thoughts and opinions, even if we do not share them.

Choose words carefully to avoid hurting others or creating a misunderstanding.

Consider things from other people’s point of view - listen with empathy.

Speak and act appropriately and politely to each other - do not speak over or under the person speaking. 

       Be willing to listen to the ideas of others, allow everyone the chance to be heard.           Seek consensus and accept feedback.

 3. We ALL have the RIGHT to feel safe


Inform a trusted adult if they are concerned about any member of our school community.

Use the school environment and equipment safely, always walking quietly when inside.

Look out for possible dangers and report them to a member of staff immediately. 

Keep the school tidy.

Try to manage our emotions and remain calm at all times.

Consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others.

Listen and follow instructions given to us.

Take responsible risks, make mistakes and learn from them.

Think positively before you act and work cooperatively to find peaceful solutions to any problems that arise.

Move around the class and school quietly and safely.

Safety is of paramount importance and additional more specific rules relating to key areas such as the playground, the gym and the dinner hall are shared with children and displayed as appropriate.  Everyone is expected to praise children for following these rules and to remind children of these rules if necessary.


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