Levels of Behaviour and Consequences

At Hillcross, we follow a behaviour framework which links different levels of behaviour to specific outcomes. This is to ensure that children and adults develop a shared understanding of behaviour and consequence, which aids consistency.  Consequences for poor behaviour choices are fair, age appropriate and measured. They do not work in isolation and must be balanced with positive support and a clear understanding of why these behaviours are deemed inappropriate, unkind, unsafe or unwanted. Consequences must be appropriate for the individual, and wherever necessary, personalised to take into account any individual needs. The children involved in more serious incidents of misbehaviour (usually Level 3 behaviours) are asked to complete a 'Reflection Form' (with adult support if necessary) as a way of reflecting on their behaviour, the impact it has on others and to consider better options. A blue behaviour form should be completed by the member of staff who observed the incident or to whom it was reported.

Consequences must never be physically or psychologically harmful, and should form part of a restorative approach (an approach which helps to build and maintain positive, healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm where there has been conflict). It is important to try to restore good relations as soon as possible. Children are supported in this process should they need to be, and the reparation process will be modelled by adults where necessary.

Each child will make a fresh start each day unless the behaviour/s have been persistent or extreme.

  • In most instances, incidents involving misbehaviour will be investigated and dealt with during the children’s own time (such as playtime and lunchtime) in order to minimise disruption to learning.

  • More extreme behaviours such as verbal abuse, physical violence, bullying, racism  and/or inappropriate comments to peers or adults, may mean that a child moves straight to Level 3. This usually results in a member of the Senior Leadership Team SLT) becoming involved and generally means parents will be contacted. Incidents are fully investigated, and all parties have a voice.  

  • If there is a very serious incident, including any kind of racism, sexualised behaviour or homophobia (whether or not the incident was intentional or not) one of the Assistant Headteachers or the Headteacher will be involved .

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