Computing in EYFS

During the EYFS, the children are exposed to various ICT experiences - cause and effect toys, programmable beebots, lightboxes, remote control toys along with Ipads and PC's in our ICT suite. We follow a carefully planned progression grid to ensure that fundamental skills are embedded and that the children understand how to enhance their learning experiences with the use of ICT.

E-safety takes priority before the children are allowed access to the resources and this is re-iterated every time we are in the ICT suite and where we are accessing the Internet.

We can use ICT to enhance all areas of learning. It can be used to engage children during maths and literacy sessions along with encouraging turn-taking and teamwork which impacts their PSED development. The children also have continuous access to ipads throughout the unit to record work they are proud of or any challenges that have been completed.

From the age of 3. in Nursery, we start to introduce the following skills

1 - Knows how to operate simple equipment

2 - Shows an interest in technological toys with knobs or pulleys, or real objects.

3 - Shows skill in making toys work by pressing parts or lifting flaps to achieve effects such as sound, movements or new images.

4 - Knows that information can be retrieved from computers.

In Reception, we focus on

1. Completes a simple program on a computer.

2. Interacts with age-appropriate computer software.

By the end of Reception, we would expect to see the children recognising that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. Children should also independently be selecting and using technology for particular purposes in order to be achieving the Early Learning Goal.



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